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I work as a Technical Analyst at OpenText and I have learned in my role that how important is to know about Dockers and Kubernete's and this beginners course makes me proficient with things like using Anisble, Minikube's, kubectl and much more. I feel confident in building up a small server on AWS with this, and create my own minikubes and deploy a small service like Wordpress on it.

SQL Bootcamp

I believe that SQL is important in today's standard. Whether it is programming, or Data Analyst, Finance industry or anything else, I think SQL has got a huge importance. I now feel confident with this certification to perform SQL injection and work on my own DB set.

Digital Marketing

I have been designing websites and using my SEO / SEM skills for driving traffic to the sites wince 2017 now. I thought this is a great idea to gain a certification in to maintain an official record of my interests and skills.

AWS Cloud Technical Essentials

As of writing this, I work as an IT support specialist at OpenText, and I believe that AWS is an important skill to have into this field. This allowed me to learn to distinguish among several AWS compute services, including Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon ECS.

Crash Course on Python

This course is essential for me to learn to write short Python scripts to perform automated actions. It is essential skills to have in Technical Support Jobs and helps with Data Cleaning in Data Analytics.

Google UX Design

This was a series of 7 courses to become a UX designer. To se my work, you can see into my blogs. Ot helped me apply foundational UX concepts, like user-centered design, accessibility, and equity-focused design.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

It had always been my dream to code and develop my skills to earn a job at a big Tech company, probably Faang, and here is the Strat to it. It helps me gain skills like JS, Node JS, EJS.

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