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The Techwriteup is special to me. I am not rebuilding this site for the first time. It is more fun now. This time I can redo my website with a Google Certification experience. TheTechwriteup is a responsive website project and is my personal technology blogging website. I worked on my cover image for the header and tried to match it with the entire brand theme. Elements like the Logo are designed by myself. This theme goes well according to the users, and the users like the colors and the website. Here is the sitemap for TheTechwriteup.

#1 The Paper Wireframes

The Techwriteup is version 2 of the venture Heapooh Media Services. When creating Paper wireframes and drawing the crazy eights, the competitive audit data helped immensely. I interviewed people, empathized, made user personas, and more. The Deisgn of the website is user-friendly with clear navigation and stronger and more reliable community support. Here are the Paper wireframes for The Techwritetup.

My design is user-centric, and I did a lot of research. The research includes creating personas, competitive audits, making user journey maps, and doing user research. We need to understand our end users, making the application more user-driven. I tried to avoid personal bias and conducted usability studies multiple times.

2# Lo-Fi WireFrames for TheTechwriteup

The Lo-Fi Wireframes for TheTechwriteup are in the final design stage with the necessary functionality for the app. I did a usability study and improved my Lo-Fi Wireframes and prototypes before moving to the Hi-Fi Wireframe stage. I conducted these studies multiple times with five people in Toronto, Canada. These were unmoderated studies. The study did include things like how people can reach point A to point B of the application and how easy or difficult it is to find different options within the application. Here is one of the early designs of Lo-Fi Wireframe for TheTechwriteup.

3# Hi-Fi WireFrames for TheTechwriteup

Before starting to create my Hi-Fi Design, I build a design system. The system was almost similar to my old website. I already had user retention on my website, and it was easy user research. This system helps me to reuse the elements in my final design, and it is easy to change things like the color, fonts, icons, etc. We added features like a commenting system for better user interaction and stronger community support. Here is what the final product looks like.

4# The Interaction

The early designs of the Techwriteup were not in user interactions. After final Usability research, our final prototype had no issues. Here is the final prototype with motion and interactions.

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