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YouTube Mockup – Reimagined with Bard AI

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Okay, it’s crazy to think that how YouTube can be redesigned to help creators do more using Bard AI. I make YouTube video, and mostly I feel frustrated to jump between different applications to search keywords, title and so on. I wish that this was not the case, and so I started to think of Bard AI with YouTube.

I have some plans and some hand drawn wireframes which are advance and needs to be implemented. But, here is an early preview of what it could look like to have Bard AI with YouTube creators tool.

Well, it will allow you to generate titles, and give you suggestions for the videos which can be a hit if you upload related content with suggested title. If there are specific keywords which are been recognized by YouTube algorithm, Bard will be a helping friend by suggesting those keywords. It will also show videos related to trending keywords on your channel.

You can also search keywords on YouTube with this feature and it will tell you how difficult and easy that keyword is to rank. Also, it will show you the keyword score, cool right?

Disclaimer, this includes YouTube logo’s and key UI kits, and there are no intents of hurting rights and regulations for Google and their YouTube product. This is just a mockup to show, how things can be. To collaborate and to get more out it, make sure that you send me an email.

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